Great Review. I really enjoy Mike's as well. I find, for me, it also helps me to produce a great lather if I bloom the soap a bit.

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Does anyone know a good matching aftershave splash for Mike's Bay Rum? I'm thinking Stirling.

I'm using it with Stirling Baker Street splash and seems to work well. I think T+S Grog with be a perfect match.

andrewjs18 You're right about Mike's Bay Rum. It's great scent and performer.

@OP I know this thread is about barbershop scent and I've been posting about bay rum - sorry.
Very nice review.

I was one of the first people to review Mike's soaps (on another forum). The first one I tried was the Barbershop and I liked the fragrance. At the time, I compared the performance of the soap to MWF. My take was that the shave was as good as MWF without presenting the challenge that MWF does when it comes to loading the brush.

I bought all my Mike's soaps within the first month or so of his soaps entering the market. They're all wrapped in paper - no tins. Smile The soaps he makes could certainly have changed over that time and maybe my review would no longer be accurate. All my Mike's soaps are good performers - providing me an excellent shave.

Are they the best soaps? I don't know. I haven't tried every soap out there. Maybe something else would be better for me, but I am content with what I have.

While I have many soaps and creams, this is one of the AD's that I never really caught. I don't feel the need to try out every new product, though I appreciate the fact that people do and that they post reviews to help me (and others) decide what to buy next. In fact, the soap I used today (that performed superbly) was a soap that I stuffed into an Old Spice mug many years ago. I no longer remember what brand or variety it is. The fragrance has mostly faded away. It's almost used up now, and when it's done I will not be able to replace it as I don't know what it is. I won't be sad about this - there are other soaps that I have that perform as well.....MIke's among them.

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- Yohann

Woodstock, VT
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Nice thoughts Yohann. It has been 5 great years with Mike's. Still my favorite and I never tire of his scents. I love how straight forward they are.  I'm looking forward to his Peppermint & Rosemary he's curing now. Been a couple of years since I used a tin of that scent. Really well balanced.

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