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In case you were curious what 3 decent sized menthol crystals would do to a typical bottle of Razorock or Italian Barber aftershave, wonder no more.

I put 3 medium/large sized crystals each in a bottle of Irish Countryside, Amici, Son of Zeus, Acqua and for good measure, AV Cool Blue.

It didn't alter the scents at all and is nice and ice cold. I bought 4 oz. of crystals of Amazon for like $8.
Did it dissolve to nothing or can you still see particulates at the bottom?
Always wanted to try this but with the advent of Snake Bite, never really needed to. But on the other hand, Snake Bite doesnt have any scent after dry down so maybe a few chunks added to my Hulk splash (equal parts Skin Bracer and Osage), will make it even more awesome.
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True irony
I shook it until it dissolved completely. That was several hours ago. I just went in and looked when I read your response. There are no floaters in any of them.

This eliminated my only complaint about RR/IB splashes.
Cool. I think I will doctor some of my stuff up this spring before the heat of summer comes again.
B&B Ban date 4 July 2016
My personal B&Blexit
True irony
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I started with one bottle to see how it worked. It worked great so I did 4 or 5 other ones. I thought I would mention it here in case anyone else was curious. :-)

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