Where I can make reknotting?
(Yesterday, 09:33 PM)Don Quixote Wrote: Where I can make reknotting?

What are your preferences?
Never thought I would own one of these let alone one that has never been used 

[Image: xCNle7V.jpeg]

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A recent announce on BST suddenly reminded me about the misinformation wandering around this brand.  But it also reminded me that, in all these years, I was still missing one last piece from what is commonly referred as “classic” I Coloniali Mango line.
So my OCD kicked in and here’s what he found:
[Image: 0m3AL4n.jpeg]
[Image: 4cHnz4b.jpeg]
May be the fanciest terms I’ve ever heard in place of Eau de toilette. Not as labeled of course, but I had it at fairly honest price for some fine pre-IFRA juice.

Whole famiglia pic - plus legit intruder:
[Image: dAvsO1G.jpeg]
Old Fashioned half bourbon half rye

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