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Vintage Razor Fan
Southwestern NY
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Barrister and Mann Jacinthe set, & Barrister and Man Reserve Lavender set arrived last Friday.  I've been on a bit of a Barrister and Mann kick, lately.  Big Grin

Freddy, your nose and scent description are a lot better than you give yourself credit.   Happy  

please forgive the poor photography
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Soap Sniffers Anonymous
After a very long wait. I finally got one. I can’t wait to shave tomorrow. [Image: e55b360462c46401b941f1b81b4a968b.jpg]

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The Land of OZ
Mail Call:- I received two packages today which are the Gillette Blue Tip A4 1955 and the Gillette Super Adjustable Short Handle P1 1970

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