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He did say he was going to draw this one out.
Looking to wait until the "new toy joy" subsides before posting anything that would be considered a review...first impressions are that I am glad I was forced to wait a little before hitting the window to purchase as the 1.05 is definitely a sweet spot for me as a daily shaver.. perfect balance between efficiency and comfort...and it has me considering selling off the majority of my razors only downside is I would prefer a slightly shorter and thinner handle ..went for this one based on astectics, if the window reopens for me I would go for a 1.25 with a shorter handle

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I have been waiting for few weeks now for that window to open.
No luck.

Living on the edge
Charcoal Goods' Brian Twilley has closed shop for "a few weeks" to go on spring break.
Maybe so has Wolfman?

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Got this 24mm beauty from the “zon”. I always wanted a tuxedo knot and the green is crazy retro. Which is right up my alley. The knot is soft like any typical artificial hair you’d find on maggards or others. Soft and good bounce.

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