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Hi all,

So I've been wanting to purchase a new razor, and I've been looking at a few including but not limited to ATT (open comb, not sure which), rockwell 6S, iKon, Razorock, and the Muhle 41. I would like you guys to help me find my perfect razor by showing you what i already have. I currently own a merkur 37c (better results than my 102), ikon 102 (which i'm thinking of selling as i feel its not for me), phoenix DOC (my everyday shaver), and a 1940's Gillette tech (which i don't often use just because i forget about it). I'll set the cap at $200, but I'd dish out the extra 100 for the 5 piece ATT kit as I can get a return on the extra heads after finding my favorite head. From your experience, and my feedback on what i already use, what razor would you recommend me? I value your feedback and happy shaving!

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ATT would be my first choice but I can't say I have tried the Rockwell. I think it is widely known as one of the best razors around and look at the Atlas can you not fall in love Smile
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Great thing is that there are so many fantastic choices these days. The bad thing, there are so many fantastic choices these days! Can be difficult to narrow down your choices.

Seems as if you gravitate to the middle ground on blade exposure/gap so it you go with the ATT would think that M or R plates likely a good fit. To your point, easy to turn over the balance if you go for the (5) piece kit.

Rockwell 6s from GarRockwell is a solid shaver and remarkable value- some threads here at DFS discussing performance etc. that you could check out but I really enjoy mine. They also have the Model T in the works but will be further down the line- looks like a very promising adjustable though.

You may also want to consider a Blackland Razors from Shane. I have the original, brushed finish which is a solid shaver and I hear that the new iteration, polished takes it to an all new level.

The pending razorock Wunderbar slant is definitely on my personal wish list but sounds as if you don't like the 102 which is a milder slant so may not be for you. The Razorock value razors that I have tried are all solid performers too.

Many, many choices but as you narrow it down happy to answer any questions if I have direct experience.

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I had looked at the Above The Tie Kronos razor for some time but never purchased one. At that time I had a Muhle R89 and a Geo. F. Trumper gold Warwick. I did not purchase the Kronos because it looked too utilitarian and more like a tool. I preferred the “thing of beauty” look. I persuaded myself to purchase the 5 piece set. I took delivery of it about two and a half years ago. I thought I would rotate the three razors. Within 10 days I took the blades out of my my Muhle and Warwick and have not used them since. Once I got used to using the ATT, I could not see using any other razor. This is an incredible hand made piece of equipment. Fit and finish are excellent. And unless you drop it off of a 100 story building it probably will last you a lifetime and with the three different base plates it may be the only razor you will ever need. The razor may be a bit pricy however, its long life, sturdiness as well as the three different base plates makes it a worth while investment. I admit that it is not highly polished but a mirror like finish does nothing for the shave quality.

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+1 on the BlackBird. For me it shaves as efficiently as my BBS 1. I also heard that the polished version is even better, but I really like the original design (sharp angles and lines), so I ended up ordering a back up - original design BlackBird in black oxide.

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I initially bought a black oxide Blackbird on the initial Kickstarter, but took Shane up on his offer to soften the sharp edges on the cap and polish it. The razor is absolutely stunning to look at and much more comfortable to shave with, much as I liked the original.

I also have the Rockwell 6S and the ATT slants (both S1and S2 plates). These are all excellent razors and I don't think you could go wrong with any of them. The Rockwell is an amazing shaver, very smooth and comfortable, and the switchable plates make it easy to find the blade gap that produces the best results for your beard. The ATT is superb in every way as well. My biggest problem is choosing which one to use as they are all great razors.

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I'll tell you, the ATT is amazing. I have the R1 and it's the smoothest shaver I have. I'll be getting its OC counterpart in short order

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I can only speak regarding an R41. Great razor but not for everyday use. If your looking for a real smooth vintage the Rocket 500 HD will fit that bill. Matter of fact a regular Rocket, a Flair tip Rocket or Parat will also give you a very smooth, close and carefree shave for way under 200 clams.
The Blackbird Razor is awesome.

I have the original version and it was a great shaver.

The company now has an updated version of the razor and should now be even better.

Also ATT is releasing their new SE, that sure looks like a winner too.

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You really can't go wrong with ATT - quality is top-notch, and no waiting list! ATT H2 is just a tad less aggressive than the R41 but just as efficient. That hair difference in aggressive bite is why the H2 has replaced the R41 as my favorite DE razor. If you're up to branching out into the SE world, there's a lot of really solid options out there. I haven't given my DEs much face time lately as I'm really enjoying the shaves that my SEs provide me, especially my Micromatic OC, Micromatic Clog Pruf and my Weck Surgical Prep.

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