Zingari Man mail call!

[Image: O7CosxB.jpeg]

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(Today, 12:33 AM)Dave in KY Wrote:
(Yesterday, 10:18 PM)HoosierShave Wrote:
(Yesterday, 08:23 PM)Freddy Wrote: [Image: t246gML.jpeg]

Some Barrister and Mann love gifted to me by a friend.  They're all excellent which I always expect from B&M so no surprise there. Happy2

How's the Pencil Pusher scent?  Reading through the description on website had me very curious about that one


Jason and Dave, my friend got that particular one for me because I was an elementary school teacher for 35 years and, yes, a sharpened pencil does bring back school images to me.  As for the soap scent, I like it but it isn't exactly 100% accurate (at least to me) but I can see where the folks from Barrister and Mann were coming from on this one.  I finished off the Pencil Pushers shave with D.R. Harris cologne which complemented the soap nicely without matching it exactly.

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(Today, 01:55 AM)MaineYooper Wrote:
(Today, 12:54 AM)mrdoug Wrote: Received my brush order from sawdust creations this evening. I wasn't expecting the pronounced sparkles in the blue color, but I think it looks nice. I believe it'll really come together with the light colored knot that's en route.

It was named Cosmic, which fits... But I can't help but think of a blue geode.  Regardless, I'm excitedly waiting for the knot to arrive. [Image: 72128ee1543f8cf373648021aad1df21.jpg][Image: ea22191423da275a82709aa06593e46b.jpg][Image: 20ee260838782ddbee248b577be713e0.jpg]

Another beautiful handle! I am going to check this shop out this weekend!
Thanks Eric! He seems to do more wooden handles than resin (guess the name Sawdust is appropriate). However, he has a small selection most times.

Fwiw, I have to stop posting pics of my acquisitions as soon as I get them. My mail comes later in the evening and the lighting is always abysmal.

Here's a daylight shot to show off the blue better. A whole lot of pronounced blue sparkles (that shocked me). I generally don't like the sparkly resin, but I kinda feel it works with this setup. As I believe I mentioned... It has a geode rock feel to it with this color scheme.

Happy Friday folks![Image: c33e86c4d83054140ba35448fb992522.jpg]

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