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GEM Push Button (in excellent condition)

[Image: 1BlLOgS.jpg]

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[Image: EIMiCrH.jpg]

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Seattle, WA
[Image: b3hBkZJ.jpg]

Testing out a stand to go with some of my heads and new ti_bam handles.  
The empty handle spots are stuck in transit hell, but are on the way.  
Depending on some new arrivals, the razor heads will get bumped around.

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The Land of OZ
Mail Call:- 3 packages arrived today.

1. 4 Semogue brushes, from the, left the 2-band finest badger knot in Taj handle, 3 Mixed Badger/Boar knot in Cherry, Ash Wood and in Taj handle
[Image: IMG_0283.jpg]

2. From the Stray Whisker
[Image: IMG_0284.jpg]

3. Two vintage Sir Irisch Moos shaving sticks made by the same Tabac company in Germany.
[Image: IMG_0285.jpg]

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