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For the wife
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I'm a total sucker for anything Dr. Jon's. When I saw West Coast Shaving having a sale that included a WCS/Dr. Jon's exclusive, I could not resist. I picked up:

Dr. Jon's Sakura Musk set (WCS exclusive)
Dr. Jon's Rose of Phrygia set
Dr. Jon's 53 East & 51st set
Dr. Jon's Savannah Sunrise aftershave (needed to complete the set)

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(07-10-2019, 04:28 PM)Lipripper660 Wrote:
Looking forward to your report!churchilllafemme Wrote:Tallow Art of Shaving Sandalwood shaving soap
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Looking forward to your report.

The soap easily made excellent lather, but it had the same prominent underlying clay scent that I remembered and don't really like. It was quite slick, but not quite as thick and rich as I prefer. I will add Coate's sandalwood cream to it next time, which I hope will improve the fragrance.

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