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(02-08-2019, 05:46 PM)IanG153 Wrote: The history of the placebo effect is a fascinating read :-)

It is indeed.  Its always quickly pointed out that the placebo effect is still an effect.  It could be worse, it could be homeopathic medicine.


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Look at all the websites selling traditional shaving gear. There must be thousands of them. For these retailers to stay in business, they collectively must be move an immense amount of product. That says "mainstream", and also "increasingly commonplace" in the West.

The forums are very inward looking. A dropoff in new members and BST activity only means things are leveling off in one small part of the wetshaving universe. In many areas of our planet, traditional shaving never went away. Cost is very important in some places, and if it works don't fix it. Especially true if the fix comes at steep premium. Many places in India, for example, as well as in Eastern Europe and Russia. Those markets are where the action is, not an increasingly few small forums. Why do you think so many of the best razor blades are made in Russia and India? We benefit greatly by plugging into that marketplace, which remains very large indeed.

How a Russian Razor Blade Explains American Strategic Culture puts it thus:

"Shaving habits reflect culture. And while not all cultures shave the same, most of the daily shaving world uses some type of razor blade."

There is the mainstream. The cost savings on one hand and the hoarding on the other really do reflect Western culture and its shaving divisions. That being said, there is are many areas to explore beyond our keyboards and monitors, in shaving and everything else. Perhaps many who have taken up traditional shaving over the past 15 years, and even in the last two or three, are doing just that. It sure beats being parked on one's butt all the time in front of a computer reading about shaving, as opposed to just doing it each morning and enjoying the results for the rest of the day.

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Does anybody use an electric razor anymore?
I'm sure they do, see adds on TV and the big stores are full of them.

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(02-11-2019, 01:34 AM)Marko Wrote: Does anybody use an electric razor anymore?
I occasionally use my 30 year old Remington when travelling. In the last ten years it has been used maybe four or five times. I always got reasonably good shaves from it, sometimes excellent shaves. I stopped using it regularly after replacement screens and blades became impossible to find, switching to a cartridge razor for a few years. After I switched to using a safety razor a decade ago, everything else fell by the wayside.

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