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Hey everyone, I placed an order on March 6th and have yet to hear anything from Tiki about my order. I sent an email via the Tiki website, via PayPal, sent a Facebook message to both owners and the Tiki Facebook page...

I am stumped, does anyone have an alternate way of contacting them?

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No idea, but I was just reading a thread about their customer service yesterday and it sounds like they really have to get their act together. The consensus was to buy from a reseller rather than from them directly. Hope they contact you soon.

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Poor customer service on an ongoing basis is usually a bad sign. I hope Tiki is able to turn things around.
I was hearing hit and miss complaints when I got into wet shaving almost 4 years ago. If no improvement by now then I doubt we will be seeing one in the near future. Good luck with everything and hope you get it sorted out.

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I have seen a lot of complaints about ordering from Tiki direct. If I were ordering Tiki products I would only do so from a merchant that has their products in stock. I just checked PAA and all the Tiki soaps they sell appear to be in stock.

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You can also contact Tiki via Facebook, that should probably work quicker.
That's ridiculous. I've gotten things from overseas in shorter than 12 days time. I only have one of their soaps and it performs fine, but if I was in your shoes, I would never use another one of their soaps again. There is a lot of competition out there and I've never had a Domestic shave product take longer than 5 days from order until receiving it.... regardless of where it came from in the US. That's really poor customer service on their part.

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Some people are good at making stuff and some people are good at selling stuff. Sometimes people are good at making and selling stuff but sometimes they're not. The beauty of the marketplace is that it allows people to focus on their strengths but in a free market place people can also focus on weaknesses and this not only hurts their brand but will eventually put them out of business. Thankfully for Tiki, there are great vendors out there who can sell their stuff for them. Sounds like Tiki ought to shut down its retail side and focus on their strength.

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I was gifted several tubs of Tiki soap, and they perform really well.

When I inquired as to why I didnt hear more about them, the response I got was because they have horrible customer service and can take a monthbor more to reply to people that have placed orders.

The recommendation that seems to be common is to order from vendors and resellers if you want their soaps.

They make a good soap, no doubt, but there is no reason to suffer through horrible customer service...not when there are independant vendors selling Tiki, and other artisans with a higher regard for their customers...

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(03-18-2016, 02:11 PM)Chris Benenati Wrote: You can also contact Tiki via Facebook, that should probably work quicker.

He did try that.

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