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I have wanted to try the Mason Boutique line of soaps for some time based on general reviews and the scent descriptions. They don't have widespread distribution so I picked up a tub with a couple other things to make it worthwhile from a retailer that I have never used.

My regular partners, you know who you are, do all sorts of cool stuff like personalized notes, stickers, sometimes even little candies and what not. Samples? Not all the time but those blade tucks and soap samples are greatly appreciated and often result in another order too.

What I didn't realize is that I have come to expect it!

This package, although packed Ok [the soap tub was really banged up and scratched on the lid; not the end of the world but that stuff does bug me]. But nothing but a packing slip. No "Hey, thanks for the first order!". Nada. Bupkis. Zilch.

As mentioned, there once was a time where I had no expectation that a vendor would do anything other than ship me the stuff I ordered promptly, accurately and at a competitive cost.

Now, based on my having been spoiled by all you people that insist on going that extra mile, personalizing things and whatnot while still executing that has all changed and: I thank you all sincerely!

It means a lot, makes a big difference and to be honest impacts my buying decisions. I do view you all as my sourcing partners and I doubt I'll order from this other place again.

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
Give up the culprit:-)

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Discounting all that, how's the soap?

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- Jeff

Austin, TX
(04-07-2016, 05:25 PM)wyze0ne Wrote: Discounting all that, how's the soap?

I plan on using it few more times to form a full opinion but...

It performs very well. In shave is solid and post shave also above average. Lathers very easily.

Sucker for the aesthetic as well. Art Nouveau labeling gets me most times.

The scent is so mild as to be almost non-existent.

This is their desription:

You are wandering in the street market, looking to kill some time, casually browsing the wares being offered, hoping something will catch your eye. Then you see her. Her flowing red hair, no customers at her vendor stall. You approach, and are immediately struck by the scents of what she is selling. You shyly ask for a name, and she says Lillian. She has a large basket of CALABRIAN BERGAMOT, a variant of orange. You see FRENCH LAVENDER, ANISE SEED, SRI LANKAN NUTMEG, JUNIPER BERRIES, PATCHOULI, and CISTUS LABDANUM (obtained from a flower, with a history of use in perfumes and herbal medicine). You don’t know which is more intriguing, the mixture of scents, or her fiery beauty. Regardless, you want whatever she’s offering. You reach for your LEATHER wallet, and hope you can afford to buy some of everything.

I didn't get any of that. If it doesn't open up on use, I will contact them and ask if perhaps I got a bum tub. It's that mild!

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Damn, nothing more disappointing than that! Especially with that description.

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- Jeff
I would have stopped reading the scent description after "You are wandering...." and moved on.

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(04-07-2016, 06:25 PM)Bruce Wrote: I would have stopped reading the scent  description after "You are wandering...." and moved on.  

Lol. But of course @"Bruce", although some enjoy and don't mind a more artful approach to product descriptions.

I do think they've created a theme for their soaps and a novel approach to describing the scent components based on same.

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(04-07-2016, 06:30 PM)kwsher Wrote: I do think they've created a theme for their soaps and a novel approach to describing the scent components based on same.

No doubt. I can see the humor in it and know they are fluffing them up like the Seinfeld J. Peterman catalog schtick.

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It is always nice getting the little extra things with an order but I don't expect it and don't give up on a company because they didn't include a free sample.

I do however take note if a company doesn't include a note or a even a thank you on the packing slip with the order. Yes I realize Amazon isn't going to drop a hand written note in my box but the smaller vendors or companies should be doing this especially on a first order and it is nice to see on orders after that. In the shaving community the vendors have pretty much done this and I have been a repeat customer.

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