Howdy gents,

I'm glad to join the DFS forum on the recommendation of a few of your kind members. I've been into wet shaving for some time and have been recently exploring and reviewing a wide range of the higher end soaps/creams. I hope to discuss some of these products with you fine gentlemen!

You might know me already from some of the other shaving forums, Basenotes, and Fragrance Daily - yes I'm that NeoXerxes Wink.

Cheerio, cheers, and shave on folks,


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Glad to see you here Neo, Xerxes, OverLord of Whatever. Wink

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>>> Brian <<<
Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!
(02-10-2016, 05:38 AM)SharpSpine Wrote: Glad to see you here Neo, Xerxes, OverLord of Whatever. Wink

I see you remember my proper title Wink. Well, almost hehe Big Grin. Thanks mate.

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Hello NeoXerxes and Welcome to DFS

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Thank you Jerry!
Welcome to DFS.
Thanks melyus! I see that you have XPEC in your photo. One of my favorite creams!

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San Francisco
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Glad to see you here as well, NeoXerxes! I've enjoyed our discussion elsewhere of high-end, posh, luxurious, extravagant, velvet-and-satin cashmere silk shaving soaps and creams, especially as one fragrance nerd to another. I think you'll enjoy DFS!
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glad to see u join u us here

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Welcome NeoXerxes!
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