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British aristocrat Number 16
British aristocrat Number 15
American aristocrat oc 34 
Above the tie r2
old type oc

I need a mongoose and ill be set ha or the att r1
After losing track of all the rooms they were in, I lost track of the number. I couldn't quite make an episode of hoarders yet, but I'm working on it.
Jay, owner of Delta Echo Razor Works.

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1967 Gillette Black Handle Super Speed
Edwin Jager DE 89
Razorock Slab
Gem Micromatic OC
Gem Push Button
Gillette Slim
Gillette Tech
Gillette Ball End Tech
Gillette Blue Tip
Schick Injector Type G
Schick Injector Type L
ATT all handles with R1 and R2 heads
Weber Polished
Ikon 102 Slant
Matador Toro Mastiff
Dubl Duck Goldedge
Boker King Cutter
Gold Dollar

So I think that's 20. Want to get the S1 head from ATT.
Bob from Virginia
Current inventory

7 DE (3 adjustables, one straight bar, one slant, one open comb and one hybrid)
3 SE
1 Shavette
2 Straights (one with broken scales) not yet used
1 Shick Band (never used, and won't be unless the price of the carts come down)

Plus one MR3 handle and one spitfire cap.

I'm a year in, and I think toward the end of the year I might start paring things down. Right now I think I'll get rid of the SEs, my DE89, my Futur, and possibly my slant. I'm not too fond of the shaves I get from my NEW LC, but I can't bring myself to part with it. It's just so pretty...
Head Shaver

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There's always room for more I say but not according to the wife lol. I will just have to find more hiding spots lol

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My list.

Wolfman WR1-DC.
Wolfman WR1-OC.
Wolfman WR1-SB.
Matador Mastiff.

Plus I have about 5-6 straights (cheap ones, nothing expensive) that I play with and two shavette's.  One is an Universal Shavette from Italy that hold the full DE blade and the other is a new Parker SR1 stainless that I am in the process of selling cause I dont and wont ever use it.
My current "permanent" rotation is...

EJ89 - My first DE and is always the go-to razor if I need a quick shave and can't afford any irritation or cuts.

Ever-Ready 1912 - Has an aluminium handle that is not the original and has been permanently bonded to the head with some kind of adhesive. Works well though!

Valet AutoStrop - Just got into this as I didn't know Feather blades worked with it. Not the closest shave but a nice change of pace with a very unique feel.

Fatboy - Mine's a bit tired looking with faded paintwork and a few marks here and there but delivers a great shave. Even with the big head it just works for me.

1930's Gillette NEW - Faded plating and the obligatory hairline cracks up the handle but it only adds to the charm. There's something about this that although it's not the oldest razor I have it's the one that has the most "vintage" feel to it and I always let my mind wander and think where it's been before it got to me.

There's also a couple of no-name unknown European made DE's from Germany and France which I enjoy using and often wonder who's sink they've been on since leaving the factory.

There is also a constantly revolving supporting cast of other razors that I buy and sell and which occasionally permanently join, or dislodge a razor from, the permanent rotation.
In rotation [i.e. not in the closet]

Slim Adjustable
Super Adjustable
Red Tip
Merkur 37C
Merkur 34G
Merkur 38C
Progress/Mergress x 2
Ikon OC Deluxe
Ikon OC Deluxe/DLC
Ikon Slant
Ikon Slant/DLC
Ikon Shavecraft 102 Slant
Ikon Shavecraft Open Comb
Muhle R89
Gillette New Long Comb /UFO handle
Gillette New Short Comb/ Bulldog handle
Gillette New Deluxe Open Comb/Bulldog handle
Parker 24 C
Parker 26 C
Razorock Rake
Razorock Slant

I have to run.  I'm applying for a mortgage so I can get a Wolfman at post-July 1 prices.

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Philadelphia, PA
maybe 20-25. I have a lot of SE razors and injectors. I sold off a lot of my injectors that I had duplicates of.
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

Fort Smith, Arkansas
2 Gillette New Open Combs
1 Gillette Open comb
2 British Rockets
3 Super Speeds
2 Techs
1 FaTip Piccolo

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