Poll: How long does it take you to traditional wet shave?
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< 5 mins
4.00% of votes
4.00% Complete
5:01 - 10 mins
8.00% of votes
8.00% Complete
10:01 - 15 mins
30.00% of votes
30.00% Complete
15:01 - 20 mins
30.00% of votes
30.00% Complete
20:01 - 25 mins
16.00% of votes
16.00% Complete
25:01 - 30 mins
8.00% of votes
8.00% Complete
30:01 - 40 mins
0% of votes
0% Complete
> 40 mins
4.00% of votes
4.00% Complete

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Including prep time (e.g., using some kind of pre-shave product, hot towels, etc), lathering, passes, clean up, post shave (e.g., balm, aftershave), how long does it take you to traditional wet shave? Traditional wet shave is defined to mean shaving with a straight edge/SE/DE and soap/cream with brush. It does NOT mean shaving with a disposal razor, cartridge razor, or electric razor.

A. < 5 mins
B. 5:01 - 10 mins
C. 10:01 - 15 mins
D. 15:01 - 20 mins
E. 20:01 - 25 mins
F. 25:01 - 30 mins
G. 30:01 - 40 mins
H. > 40 mins
15-20 minutes for me, including all pre-shave and cleanup steps.
15 to 20 when on average.
15-20 mins is about right. I enjoy my morning shaves too much to rush. In a pinch, I've done it in under 10 mins for a 3-pass shave ...

My daily shave, being two passes, 10-15. 15-20 when I take a few days off and do three passes. For my daily shave for work, I do "just good enough." I don't look for BBS or perfection so I don't do any touch up..., the shave is the touch up.
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Austin, TX
15-20 here too. My prep is a hot shower. I typically go for a three pass shave as I have a thick and quick beard but if pressed for time will reduce passes and call it good. Nobody would know the difference but I add the last pass in the name of zen.

On the weekends though, if we don't have anything going on, I'll stretch the shave out and just enjoy the moment.
I'm at the higher end of 10-15 if it's just one of those nights I'm extra eager to shave I might take my time and bleed over into the 15-20 minute mark

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San Diego, Cal., USA
About 15-20 minutes for me, as well.

10-15 minutes

Chazz Reinhold HOF
25 to 30, sometimes longer. But I'm retired, so who cares.

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