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I just purchased one from Ebay and would like to fully sanitize before using it for the first time. What's the best way to clean/sanitize this razor? Also, does anyone know if I can load this with twinjector blades? a picture of the razor is below:

[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

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I used scrubbing bubbles and an old toothbrush on mine and it cleaned up great. I believe the twin injector blades will fit due to the adjustable Schick being designed using the L-model head.


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Is there any way to open up the head to get better access to hard to clean areas?

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You can insert an old injector key to open it. Won’t open too much though.
(11-03-2018, 05:32 PM)lloydrm Wrote: You can insert an old injector key to open it. Won’t open too much though.

Then shove a small pipe cleaner in there is the only thing I have done. It's still hard to see if it is actually clean either way though, but I'm not that paranoid about it so it doesn't bug me. I can see how it might bother others though.
I just cleaned my Pal Adjustable that I won off Ebay and I just used an old toothbrush and Scrubbing bubbles on it. I then install a new blade followed by a splash of rubbing alcohol on the razor head and blade. I then insert the injector key and install another blade. I've never suffered from any rashes, or skin infections from cleaning my injector razors this way.


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Redwood City
Really appreciate the advice guys! Thank you

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I have several injectors and the best method is what the CDC says for sanitization: 20 min. soak in 70% rubbing alcohol (not 50% nor 90%).

The Schick Model M adj. set on "5 -6" is simply divine to use. WARNING:  you may be tempted afterwards to toss all your DE eqpmt. into the river. Wink
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Take your blade injector and insert it into the razor. .
Very slowly start a new blade and when the old one begins to appear. about 1/8 to 1/4 inch, pull it out slowly leaving enough in the razor to keep the razor's blade compartment open at both ends.
Dunk the head into some rubbing alcohol.
Then slowly while the head is still immersed remove the old and new one. That should allow the alcohol to cover the entire blade compartment. A strip of thin cardboard like that of a tissue box could be inserted to remove any dirt while it is propped open in the alcohol.
Rinse in hot tap water and dry.
A soft child's tooth brush will clean the exterior and the ribbed handles. Alcohol will remove soap scum.
BE CAREFUL. Those blades are sharp as a razor!

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I keep an old injector blade key with 1-2 blades in it in my shaving drawer for when I pick up an injector at an antique store or whatever so I can pop the blades out of them. I simply write BAD on the side of it so I know not to use any blades from them.

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