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Just wanted to know about the Gillette fat handle Tech and how it shaves. Is it a good razor to have?

Is the razor mild or medium aggressive?? Just want your thoughts..Thank you!
Anything that has the word "tech" in it from Gillette is going to be arguably the most mild shaving razor on the planet. They are too mild for me to even use. That being said I have very dark and fast growing facial hair and shave daily. Many guys use them and like them because they are mild and very forgiving. That being said, a Gillette tech would be an excellent first DE for many people and they are readily available in many antique stores. If the price tag is over 10.00 they are priced too high. Techs are abundant in their many varieties so don't over pay for one. Hope this helps.

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The Gillette Techs are fine mild shavers ( a bit too mild for me).
The only way you'll understand if they work for you will be to actually try one.
They are abundant on Ebay and you should be able to find one for a fair price.
Good luck.
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As both celestino and steeleshaves pointed out the Techs are readily available. Freddy also love his Tech-similar Star DE razor. I like the look of the Star better and it is not quite as prevalent which I like.

Finally, Jay at Delta Echo Razor Works refinishes razors and has some Techs that are really cool looking.

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I find Techs too mild. They are easy to find on the cheap if you want to try one.

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I agree with steeleshaves....the gillette tech (with any handle) is known for being notoriously mild.
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I use a Tech regularly....ball end, fat handle, 1932 Canada, USA, England, 4 pce (the two standing up in my pic) They are amazing shavers if you use them properly and match them with a nice blade.

Two pass with an Astra, gets me as close as any other razor with no irritation and little to no worry about weepers etc.

They are a favorite of mine. After rotating all of these for a while and switching to a Slim & FB for a while, I find them about a 5-6 on the adjustable scale.

[Image: 20a3a93b6236e6fdf5cd4af4c91604b2.jpg]

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Nice collection @Bruce!
- Jeff

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Yes,this helps a lot. Most Techs you see are over 10.00 dollars. So your saying even the fat handle and everything Tech is very mild? Maybe too mild.

Thank you sir,

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(03-21-2016, 10:45 PM)wyze0ne Wrote: Nice collection @Bruce!
Thanks. The nice thing with Techs, as was pointed out, they can be had for $10-15 locally.

All of these are just ones I've picked up locally, here and there.

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