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(09-06-2020, 08:00 PM)FreeBlues Wrote: Interesting.  When I first loaded a blade in my new Hensen I cranked the head/handle pretty tight.  Shaved great - until I went to swap blades.  The amount of pressure needed to unscrew the head was considerable, made significantly more, er, interesting given there was a blade already in the razor.  Took a very small chunk out of my thumb, giving a whole new meaning to "cut myself shaving."

Lesson learned, don't tighten too much.  Perhaps even leaving a bit of thread is a good idea, plus can make a slightly more aggressive shave.  Something to consider.
I gave my thumb a deep gash in a similar way when I tried adjusting the setting on my QShave Futur clone mid-shave.
It was bizarre holding my left hand up above my head while I hurriedly finished the shave single-handed.
Now I just lay the guard edge of the head on the sink and twist the handle.

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I'm always lucky.
Just watching the UK shop, I see the Henson Shaving AL13 Dual Tone.
[Image: KWXRk2o.jpg]

Looks like the Blue / Red is different.
And I can not see It on the HS website.
So I grab one very quickly.

It'll be easier than before !!!

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Greetings from Ischia, Pierpaolo
I’ve picked up a black and red one as well as a black with purple baseplate combination that Stuart, the owner of shaving station, ordered especially for me.

I’ve not looked forward to trying out a new razor as much, for quite some time.

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Nothing like a fresh astra sp in this razor. Used it yesterday with two passes (3/4 turn undone, 1/2 Turn undone) to clean up 3 days growth no problem. I’m still in awe how well the top cap supports the blade to keep it smooth.

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My 3 Henson Razors arrived today.

I purchased a Black & Red, Blue and made a special pre-order of Black and Purple.

[Image: f9ca423bda15854b4ed31a76c23b7ce1.plist]
[Image: c93f1888cee5e9a86538d812adb2d0fe.plist]

I’ve changed the baseplates around in the photos below in order to show Blue and Red and Black and Blue.

[Image: 831b1b7accd4069fde10010ef4976aa4.plist]
[Image: c5e1a7bafd1a32481e25ec3e7816f676.plist]

I also tried a Blue and Purple combination:

[Image: 215418ba83c465df8163ccb80b2aa0fb.plist]
[Image: ca3f58d50fdee6160a5fe415ce03b334.plist]

I think I prefer the original three combinations and will most probably leave them unchanged. Smile

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[Image: 7f1da9d409c7455b60d9f1515564d646.plist]

First shave with the Henson tonight and I wasn’t disappointed.

I loaded it with a Feather and it mowed down my stubble with ease. This is not as mild a razor as I thought it would have been, based upon some reports I have read.

I deliberately chose a Feather as this is the blade I prefer to use when testing razors for the first time.

The razor has a very slightly blade forward feel to me and the characteristic drag of aluminium was present. It was really easy to find the correct angle and the result was a very enjoyable and close shave.

It’s clear that a lot of thought and design has gone into this razor and the addition of a tungsten insert on the underside of the baseplate where the handle connects is an inspired choice.

The fit of the razor is excellent with very tight tolerances and rigid blade clamping. The finish of the razor is very good (the only thing that lets it down slightly is some uneven anodising on the side of the baseplate).

I have come away from this shave having the same feeling I had when I used my first Blackbird. Everything felt spot on in terms of the design and efficiency of the razor and it feels like a very cleverly designed piece of shaving equipment.

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On a Timeless Ti handle

[Image: 2o82nrn.jpg]

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Williamsburg, KY
Got mine today and on deck for tomorrow
[Image: CYCJWhu.jpg]
[Image: 1DPzi5n.jpg]

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you guys are evil. i just bought two!
are the dual color only avaialbe in the UK? i didn't see them on the site.

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When I spoke with Jonathan a month or more back, he said it could be custom ordered, but he thought they may rig something up on their site eventually to be able to make a custom one.

I’ll say that I’m not sure whether that will ever be a reality. It sounds like a nightmare to be able to stock. Perhaps they’ll just offered the blended combinations like in the UK.

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