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This post is to share new products and info with you.

The strategy for you, hobbyists from forums, is a work in progress, though will focus on products that are unique and different.   So, with that, here are new products:

We are now making gentlemen’s knives, which will be on Etsy at this point.  While folding knives are in the mix, my recommendation is for small fixed blade knives that are the same size as a folder.  I can provide a higher quality product with more bells and whistles for less money with fixed blade knives.  Not only that, most folks have folders, so these are unique and different.


Next, we are making leather safety razor and straight razor covers.  We dye and finish the leather and sew them by hand.  Most importantly, we use chromium salt free leather.  This is important because Chromium salts have the same impact on steel as table salt.  We have to dye and finish the leather ourselves to avoid these salts as almost all leather is tanned with them. These can be custom made if desired.

We now have aftershave balm and pre-shave oil.  These are unique in that available scientific knowledge was used during formulation.  Many products on the market haven't done this.

The shave oil, made of olive and mineral oil w/ light scent, holds moisture from pre-shave prep as well as further softening whiskers.  This product makes a nice difference for those with coarse beards.

The magic of the aftershave balm is lanolin.   Most natural ingredients in shaving products have few, if any, scientific studies that demonstrate their effectiveness.  Many, many studies have been done on lanolin and the results are clear irrefutable.  The balm has as much lanolin - it isn't a minor ingredient.

This aftershave balm makes a big difference in soothing irritation as well as hydrating skin.

These products are on hendrixclassics.com in the accessories area. With the leather, I'll email you with pics in that color so you can choose.

Now, here are some pics.

[Image: il_570xN.1653535302_gqoo.jpg]

[Image: il_570xN.1700484543_5zaz.jpg]

[Image: il_570xN.1653511790_fynd.jpg]

[Image: M8BosfA.jpg]

[Image: zercba3.jpg]

[Image: wOpPi2s.jpg]

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how much are your knives? they're beautiful!

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Cool little knives man! Do you make the blades too?

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- Jeff

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that 2nd knife is wild!

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
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I have been using the Aftershave balm for about a month now and I have to say it is the best balm I have ever used. Just a touch of it on your fingertip and my face feels much more hydrated and I get a better shave the next day. I don't see it on the website yet, but when its available I highly recommend it.

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Nashville, TN
Thanks for the questions and comments!

The folder above is $189. The damascus knives are $175 for the knife or $215 for the knife and handmade sheath that enables pocket carry. Knives will range from $100 to $225 for most of them, with damascus folders being $300-400. I'm happy to do custom knives and don't charge more for them unless costs are higher.

I don't make the blades currently, though often complete rough manufacturing. I will make them as the business grows and I can purchase the needed equipment.

Thanks Shavemd for the kind comments.

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Beautiful work, Pete. Those knives are really something. Happy2

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Those knives look as good as the biscuits at Loveless Cafe

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