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20% off with free shipping on orders over $50 at my Etsy site for Black Friday / Cyber Monday. No code needed, it's automatic. Good for Hendrix Classics, though send me a PM so I can create a code.

Prices shown on the site do not reflect the discount, they are applied at checkout. Let me know of the discount doesn't load.

Etsy Link: http://HendrixClassicsCo.etsy.com

Here are a few examples:

[Image: il_570xN.1642119386_dsvt.jpg]

[Image: il_570xN.1723102023_4vz2.jpg]

Note: You have a choice of thong tubing or Mosaic for the hole at the end on the knife above.

[Image: il_570xN.1642116392_qq2u.jpg]

[Image: il_570xN.1712579313_d80b.jpg]

[Image: il_570xN.1714480829_5k2q.jpg]

[Image: il_570xN.1715573325_9rb0.jpg]

[Image: il_570xN.1684113710_r0ye.jpg]
Wonderful soap and AS balm. Happy Thanksgiving Pete

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