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I'm growing jalapenos, purple cayenne, orange thai, and chocolate habanero. Some leaves on the two left/right got a little sun burnt from watering mid-day. Lesson learned. The tiny one at the bottom is sprouting leaves after the original ones fell off after shipping. The top one is jalapeno from home depot and planted (here at home) 3 weeks before the other 3 were shipped/delivered.

[Image: csrfwZ8.jpg]
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Keep us posted on how you get on with these.

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If you're into pepper heat, stress the plants. Either too much water or too little water. The more they have to fight for survival the hotter the peppers will be. Converse for milder peppers.

Virginia, so you'll get at a minimum, frost. If you can bring them indoors for over wintering you'll get an even bigger harvest next year. You'll probably need to re-pot them, but if they survive the winter (they need light) it will be worth it. Don't fret if they lose their summer leaves during the winter, as long as they remain living they'll re-leaf.

Good luck with them! I wish I had your climate here in Maine!
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