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Has anyone received a shipping notice or other update since the latest release? I was going to post in the Merchant thread but it is closed. I'm aware of the notice on the website, but thought shipments were to go out Friday/Saturday.
received the notice on the 22, but the USPS still shows "pre-shipment"

New England
Haven't received a notice. It'd be nice to hear an update.
Nothing for me either...I think that Mohammad may have released a few too many soaps this go round, I’m sure he will get things sorted though.
Mohammad's a great guy and he'll get them out as soon as possible I'm sure.
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Millbrae - CA
It's late! I'm done applying the labels to the jars. I did a terrible job stretching myself out. I made too many soaps and I got too many orders. Some orders will trickle out on Wednesday,the rest will be done on Thursday. I threw out the The Cedrus batch Sad I'll send out refund notices tomorrow.
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Northern NJ
Finally received my soap from this order and I have have to say this is some amazingly special stuff. Thank you Mohammad and I hope you will always keep the Unscented tallow Tacit on available because it is the best soap I have ever tried hands down.

Peachtree City, GA
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Really should get some of this. Own most every save a very few gd scents.

Does it have ANY scent at all chemical, organic or otherwise??

Hi Mohammad,

I purchased Flight and Incense & Rose. Just received a refund of $21 for one of the soaps. How I can know what soap I’ll get?

I saw on another forum that someone also got a refund for Incense & Rose.
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