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The Grooming Dept Hydrating Gel is getting superb traction. People love it. It'll be back in stock next late next week.

I decided to write down my thoughts on I see it can be incorporated into one's shaving routine. Check out the product page. I also shed a light on how I see Grooming Dept skincare products work together.


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This is an amazing product.
I tried it with an old soap the other day and it boosted the slickness, increased the quality by reducing the dissipation time and felt better on my skin.
As a post shave, I've tried it with alcohol, alcohol free and balms...game changing stuff.
Just one single drop and I could feel that ultra slickness and hydration upon post shave application.

I'm definitely grabbing some more.

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Love this stuff. Usually combine with Thayers and slap it on post shave before an aftershave.

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I combine the hydrating gel and the rejuvinating serum with any aftershave product. Awesome stuff. My skin feels plump and smooth. Doesnt feel greasy at all. And it lasts the whole day.

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