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Man would that be a wonderful benefit! Don't know if it would result in a savings or just more $$ out the door!

Thousand Oaks, CA
Welcome Coyotl ! I live in Thousand Oaks about 65 miles north of you, and I have a shave shop and barbershop here. If you're ever in the area let me know! It would be fun to meet someone else from DFS. There's only a handful around these parts. I think I've only met with one other guy.
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Robini . Thanks man I’m hearing some great things about grooming department. I will definitely check them out. They are on the list! Being able to go to wcs definitely doesn’t help you save in my opinion, But at least you’re more sure of your purchases cuz you can smell things before hand.

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Welcome to the forum Coyotl! It’s a great place to learn about shaving and about shaving products too.
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Welcome! Nice to see more OC shavers in here.

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