Next time I feel guilty for purchasing another shaving gear that I don't need, I'll just come here and take a look at OP pics. Thanks OP I already feel better LOL

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Excellent collection. I am impressed.

Got a Ziglar?

Tough ones to pick up them Ziglars.
Shave yourself.

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efsk I love slants and have 3 of them. I realized that I am a piker. So many slants and so few shaves. I absolutely love your collection and I'd love to see a slant of the day or slant of the week post with pictures and information.
thank you,
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bakerbarber Not yet, a Ziglar. Has an interesting head in that it is shaped like a parrallellogram instead of a rectangle, sam as my RAS SE's. But it will turn up, some day, at a price I'm willing to pay Smile
@Blagoja Rajevsk I get that reaction more often Smile

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Quite and inventory! Congrats.
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