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I like Ursa Major.

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#1 favorite Jack Black Deep dive facial cleanser or #2 Noxima. If you have large pores and want baby smooth skin you gotta try jack black deep dive.

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I use Jack Black Pure Clean daily face cleanser in the morning and before bed, every other day I follow it up with the Jack Black Face Buff.  Its expensive but its the only product that didn't screw my face up.
(06-21-2015, 04:43 AM)Brian_Powers Wrote: I'm just curious as to what some of your favorite face washes are, as I'm always into trying something I've not heard of. I tend to use the Neutrogena for Men mentholated face wash in the shower before a shave and then Dove for Men hydrating at night.

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Neutrogena bar soap or liquid soap. Cremo face wash. Or any artisan bar soap, e.g., Soap Commander, Stirling, Tiki.

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Kiehl's Facial Fuel

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(I think I know who No.1 is!)
[Image: 32268ada57a3be5062fe7d%CE%B3%CE%BB%CF%85...ng?lang=gr]

This is my face wash soap and l love it.

I use the plain ol orange Neutrogena bars.
Bob from Virginia

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I use Dove facial wash daily before I shave.
I don't regularly use face washes.  I find that using black Soap African soap in the shower is more than sufficient.  You figure the soap with the shave, the aftershave and or balm post shave, if your face isn't cleaned and pores emptied after that, I doubt a face wash is going to make a difference.  Just my two cents... at some point the addition of another product becomes redundant.

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I simply use whatever bar of soap I have in my soap container inside the shower.
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