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Rare event for our neck of the woods not that It snowed but that it snowed in FEET.... 2.5 feet of snow, snowed for 36 hours straight.... this will melt fast over the next few days and then we will have one wet muddy mess. Storms like this is April are horrific for the cattle ranchers in our area. No question calves have been lost just a matter of how many. My house and land happened to be in the eye of th storm.... our town won the snow total amount.... lucky us. Side note this is the FIRST time all winter I didn’t park my commuter car in the pole barn when snow was forecasted... lesson learned. Been moving snow all day.... now I’m drinking scotch.... have a safe weekend all.

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Wow! That is a massive amount of snow! I surely don't miss that kind of snow, any longer as Vancouver, rarely sees it in the city.
Best of luck to you.
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Blizzards are never fun unless someone is a lunatic. Thankfully the blizzard we had this year didn't have much snowfall. In theory one can have a blizzard with only one inch of snow. As you wrote it'll melt quickly. The sun is too high in the sky for it to last very long. Sorry for the cattle, that's the pits! Animals feel loss, maybe not identically as we do, but they still feel it.
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Wow, looks like home. Thats a lot of snow to get at one time - Nature has a sense of humour, a pretty dark one but its there.

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Absolutely has a sense of humor... Like when Obama went to the UK to push his global warming nonsense and they had a huge snow storm or a blizzard. That was an absolute hoot! Then just to put an exclamation mark to the trip, he landed in DC to, you guessed it, another huge storm if not a blizzard.

For those who don't know, a blizzard is measured not by snowfall amount, but by visibility and wind strength for a certain period of time. Basically, you can't see anyway, so just stay in, hunker down, and after it stops see what needs to be dug out. One can have drifts feet deep and other areas with little or nothing. It all depends on the wind and amount of snow.

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