Another bottle of thayers.
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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
I tossed an old tube of Coate's Almond shaving cream, which had a little left that had lost all of its fragrance.
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Idaho Falls, Idaho
[Image: cqF3p2C.jpg]

Sad day. I’m going to miss Latha. Better get busy and find some more before it’s all gone.
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North Texas
[Image: AzsDzTH.jpg]
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No picture, but I just finished off a bottle of Van Yulay Aetlous AS. Not bad, but not good enough to purchase again.
Head Shaver
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Finished off my jar of CRSW Glide Olfactory Hue yesterday after 41 shaves. i thought longevity was going to be an issue after finishing a huge portion after 10 shaves. However, I was able to get satisfactory shaves with less soap, and the jar lasted long enough. Honestly, with the amount of soap that I own, i'm happy with >= 30 shaves.

Nice product, but I am not really a fan of creams or very soft soaps. I have to be way too careful loading. I'll only revisit this formula if they come out with a must-have scent.
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