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An EPIC Spring Dual SPRING Release: When the Shave/Fragrance World Meets SIM World! If You Didn't Know, These Are Made To Be Layered!
[Image: S4dqI0T.jpeg]

Though many will want to wear these 2 scents as they are, they really shine when combined with each other & Mega Flora! That's right folks, this Trilogy of fragrances; Mega Flora, TerraPreta and La Tiera Mojada , are to be mixed and matched! Essentially, when you apply these products you are constructing the rain forest from the ground up! So layer away!
Ex. Shave with Terra Preta then chase with a splash of Mega Flora and then add a spritz of La Tierra EDP...or try it the other way around for a different ratio! The combination ratios are endless! I highly encourage you to mix it up and experiment. Find a unique, signature version for yourself! Like using a stereo equalizer you can tweak out the overall scent to your own specs! BOOOOOOM!

NOW, Let's Take A Look!  

La Tierra Mojada: The Wet Earth  

Ahhhh the alpha brainwave inducing scent that fills the air after a fresh rain, how soothing, and sensual it is, no?

Scent profile: Top Notes: Rain evaporating on hot streets, Cactus, Petitgrain and White Sage. Heart Note: Neroli, Hydrangea, Heather and Juniper. Base Note: Geosmin, Vetiver & a touch of Patchouli.

Moving onto Terra Preta...Dirty Never Felt So Clean! 

Scent Profile: Geosmin, Spikenard, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Patchouli. In other words, the scent of good ol' clean, honest, DIRT!

Know Your Roots! Each bottle of Terra Preta contains clippings of the Indian Vetiver Plant, that not only add a thematic, otherworldly visual element, but also in time, a depth to the aftershave/cologne through a slow tincturing process, set at a steady rate by the addition of the Vetiver Hydrosol. 

The root is first soaked in the hydrosol to swell up and reconstitute the root so that when added to the alcohol it may better penetrate into the cellular tissue and absorb more of the aroma.

NOTE: For a deeper dive on both of these unique fragrances check out their respective sales pages!

"Try Something Different, Phoenix Shaving!"

http://shor.by/X4ZI  (Please Share, Shave Cadets!)
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