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(02-13-2019, 01:34 AM)snorwood Wrote: I have tried some super speeds which I like, Slims, Fatboys, etc..I have only been into it for the past year, trying to figure things out..somebody told me newer razors are the way to go..Merkut, Jagger..trying to get different opinions.

You my friend are very welcome here! We all started where you are now and we all fell down the rabbit hole. Some of the answers might seem a bit snarky but trust me, they are not. We all just giggle about the weird hobby we got involved with. So my two bits: it all depends on you and what you like. If you are looking for pinnacle of razors then the modern CNC machined and CAD designed razors are impossible to beat. Shane's Blackland Razors fall into this category. If you want modern economic with great performance then the Merkur and Jagger's are hard to beat. If your soul hearkens for simpler times and staying power then a vintage Gillette or Gem might be your oyster. But if you are like the rest of us de-whiskered clowns then yes, you will own several vintage, several Merkur and Jagger, and both a Blackland Blackbird and Dart. It'll be fun to see your posts. (Don't keep track of the money though. Takes all the fun out of it).

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Thank you so much. Funny, I started this to save money from the expense of cartridge razors, But, it has turned into a great little hobby. i am going to have to check out out the Blackland and the dart. Thank you so much!

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(02-13-2019, 01:34 AM)snorwood Wrote: I have tried some super speeds which I like, Slims, Fatboys, etc..I have only been into it for the past year, trying to figure things out..somebody told me newer razors are the way to go..Merkut, Jagger..trying to get different opinions.

At the risk of ruining a delightfully droll and flippant thread ...  You can shave fine as wine with a razor that is in good working order - new or vintage.  The first order of business is to improve your technique, which includes prep and lathering.  The best way to improve technique is to pick one razor and stick with it.  Also pick one soap and brush.  Stick with them for a month at a time, then change one item only.  Most people don't do that, but IME it works.  As your technique improves, you will be able to sort out which razors suit you best, and you may well wind up with both new and vintage in your shave den.  

Good luck.

OOPS! I see I am late to the party.  --  Good luck just the same snorwood.

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The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our razors, but in our technique.
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Well, snorwood, as you can see the answers can be all over the map.  

I started out with a Merkur 34C and a Feather Popular over 4 years ago.  They both worked fine and I was getting some great shaves after I figured out what a good lather is like.  Then, like many others in this hobby, I fell down the vintage razor rabbit hole.  And, I fell hard! I don't regret it though, because I found some excellent shavers along the way.  It's really whatever you want to make of this obsession hobby of ours called traditional wet shaving.  I do suggest that you develop a plan on how you would like to proceed.(unless of course you have a ton of disposable income you want to drop  Wink)

With all due respect to others opinions, most all used razors(vintage or contemporary) can be sanitized.  If the idea of a used razor doesn't appeal to you, there's nothing wrong with sticking to new razors.

HighSpeed makes a very good point about sticking to a set-up for a month and then only change one thing at a time.  That way if you have issues it's easier to determine what's causing said issues. Good luck in your journey and enjoy your shaves!

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IMO there are razors for most people's preferences on both vintage and modern versions. Both have production issues that affect both, but mostly vintage. Also, since vintage razors have been around for a while, some of them have not been cared for properly and its not unheard to find two apparently identical razors that shave very differently. Now, some of the best working, both in shave and mechanically, vintage razors I have came covered in crud. Also, one on my favorite modern razors has production issues. I know cause I own three of them. Have fun.

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As a lawyer in my past life I would answer that question with - That depends - what do you mean by better? What do you mean by vintage? Or I might have answered it with the good old - Yes and no and gone on to discuss pros and cons of modern vs vintage.

The reality is that many men enjoy using vintage gear, some restored and some in original condition - original condition can vary from perfect to holy crap man, is that even a razor! In any case with a decent razor, a decent blade and decent technique (good soap is a given) you can get an awesome shave from almost any razor. (emphasis on almost) I think there is something very cool about using a razor thats 50 or 100 years old, especially if its been in your family for that length of time. A connection to your ancestors. A statement that a tool, well cared for, can serve for many years.

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Thanks! i appreciate that!

Thank you so much!

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