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These razors are awesome!! It would be cool if we could get some bidding activity going - think about it, a Father's Day Straight Razor. There has to be some straight razor shavers in need of a fine custom blade out there.


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Nashville, TN
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[Image: Heirloom-Maple-Burl-Dovo-Straight-Razor-...1527716809]

[Image: Heirloom-Kirinite-Lava-Dovo-Straight-Raz...1527783592]

Note: The razor below has temporary fastners, which of course will be replaced before shipping.

[Image: Heirloom-Bone-Dovo-Straight-Razor-3_1512...1527715409]

Nashville, TN
Note, Below are items that can start with a bid of $150:
  • A Dovo Best Quality blade with rough finished micarta scales.  Choice of canvas, linen or paper micarta.  Choice of color as well.   Pic below
  • The nicest pair of scales I can make, put on your straight razor blade.
  • A damascus gentleman's folder made from one of the new super steels - VG10.  There is a pic below.  Of course, it would be complete with scales before shipping.
  • A fixed blade knife knife, completely made in the USA and made from one of the super steels CPM 154 or CPMS 30V.  You could pick the blade.  
  • The razor with black and red scales shown above.

[Image: SS723-2T.jpg]

[Image: Heirloom-Tan-Micarta-Dovo-Straight-Razor...1527790329]

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I'll go $150 on that. I too, have encountered some behind the scenes "roughing up" on another forum that others would probably be a bit surprised by if they knew the details. I really want to support some of the smaller, more neighborly forums, as I feel much more at home here. I'll PM you privately as well, Pete123. Nice gesture and very nice looking stuff on your website.

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Beautiful knife.

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Philadelphia, PA
damn, those are nice, Pete123.

I might reach out to you to make a knife for my father-in-law for Christmas...

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