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I have shaved three times with one and each has been a splendid shave. Very smooth (= sharp) blade and cheap. Word on another forum is that the Czech maker of industrial carbon steel razor blades invested heavily in upgrades to make modern coated stainless blades for shaving. This one really surprised me. 

Far cheaper in bulk:

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These are fantastic blades. My normal favorites are Polsilver, Nacet, and Perma Sharp Super blades and these fit right in.

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Sounds very tempting. If I weren't already overloaded with blades...
You can NEVER be too overloaded with blades! Lol

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Vintage Shaver
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(12-06-2019, 04:56 AM)FloridaCreekIndian Wrote: You can NEVER be too overloaded with blades! Lol

You can when you're over 70 years old and have been told by the boss of the house that you only have 10 more years of traditional shaving before a forced shift to an electric shaver.

Add: Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack the thread.

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Ok, you got me there!

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I too picked up a few Tiger Plats from Maggard and eventually bought in bulk - sold by Razor Blades Club and fulfilled by Amazon, but two dollars cheaper than buying from RBC direct.  Go figure.

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Yep! $9.99 shipped per 100 blades for the win.
I ordered more of them today as well (I have a problem and admitting it is the first step).

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I got five superb shaves and then tossed the blade as I rarely go over five per blade as they are so cheap. Regardless, this is a bonafide "sleeper". Color me impressed and moreso because this is this co's. first stainless shaving blade!!  Happy

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Well, I received a tuck of their other Platinum blade yesterday, the Tatra. Although I am only one shave in on this lil' gem IMO it is at minimum as good as the Tiger and if I were to be totally honest a tad smoother, i.e., sharper. As well, the blade is even laser etched!!! These Czech fellas really have it together!! Look over your shoulder, Gillette!!   Happy2

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