For those that haven't heard yet. The Cold River Soap Works Oilva Shave Soap is available for purchase. Not sure how many times Larry made for the first batch and how long they will be available.

Golf Nut
San Antonio, Texas
Ordered Oliva, along with another Select V2 and a balm : D 2016 might be my CRSW year! hahaha. Need to pick up tomorrow, the first purchase of Select V2 (Notice Left by USPS)
CRSW is one of the highest regarded soaps that I for some reason have no major desire to try. Maybe I can try it in 2017. I hope y'all who have it keep enjoying it.

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>>> Brian <<<
Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!

Chazz Reinhold HOF
I own several of his offerings, I'm just not keen on olive oil in my shaving creams. I may try it after I read several worthy reviews.

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I'm actually surprised there are still stock left. Maybe the olive oil has less general appeal.
Just placed order. Always support someone who makes a good vegan product. Good for the animals, good for humans, good for the planet. It's a,win win.

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
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I'm not too much into politics when it comes to shaving. My reasons to purchase or not are in no way based on political views, lol.....,

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Agreed, hrfdez. To me, the fat is where its at. Most of my favorite soaps include tallow, lanolin and shea butter. Not to knock anyone who prefers vegan soaps for whatever reason, I just don't have any qualms about using animal products. I use some veggie soaps too though.

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- Jeff

Chazz Reinhold HOF
Sure, I have a few veggies hanging around, but they are not my favorites or are in my regular rotation. Plus, for some reason some of them don't agree with my skin.

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Austin, TX
I have some veggie soaps that I very much enjoy using [MdC, WSP, SC come to mind] but also like tallow soaps.

Really comes down to performance for me too. I would say that veggie soaps have come a LONG way over the past decade from my point of view.

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