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Shipping is $4 an item Conus only. If you buy multiples i will charge shipping at cost which is probably better. Max I will charge for shipping even if you buy everything is $10.

Above The Tie R2 Atlas $132
TOBS Peppermint cream (used about 3x) $8
T&H 1805 cream (used about 3x) $21
Proraso pre shave (NEW) $6
iKon shavecraft 102 slant on OSS handle $50
Schafmilch (+$5 added on to another item)
Extro Mare EDT aftershave (NEW) $7
Extro Dandy Shave cream (NEW) $10

Soap Commander Endurance balm (tested 2x) $8
Maggard V3A head (used 3x), V2 OC head (used 1x), MR5 handle, and MR3 handle: all for $40
Muhle r89 rose gold: $43
Gillette new $26
Whipped dog synthetic brush (55 loft 24 knot) $15

[Image: eXIkkCd.jpg]
[Image: fkDnYq5.jpg]
[Image: iyESkVF.jpg]
[Image: udQ38Ka.jpg]
[Image: 13661950_10153652031476960_1790457856134057135_o.jpg]
[Image: 13880403_10153652031616960_6117271759269...e=581ECD9A]
Prices lowered on ikon, maggard razors, and cobra
Maggard razors sold

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Gillette NEW sold
Price lowered on Cobra classic, $230 net to me and I pay shipping.

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