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(As the pictures was crap due to that the camera in my phone is just bad and I don't have my camera at this home, it just couldn't handle apartures and colours. Well, it probably can but I just didn't have the time to fiddle anymore so I tried to sharpen the pics and find a solution to the lousy colorhandling of the phone afterwards in the original post. That ended up even worse. That is corrected now and the pics updated)

Next part of my collection up for sale, so here's yet another bunch of brushes that needs a new owner.

  What goes for all of these brushes is that none has any dent, scratch or wear of any kind. Purely collectible items that (sadly) never been used.

They've been washed once when I bought them, and once more yesterday before putting them up for sale here, and that's the only handlathering they've had.(Simpson  natural soap)

In other words they are exactly as new, but have just "been for a visit in Sweden for a while". They've been stored in a protective cabinet away from both sun and moist.

And in a smoke-free home just to add for them who think about such.

(I am open to discuss the price if it's reasonable. Just pm me)

More info coming after the pictures!!!!

Trackable shipping to USA and Europe from Sweden. For this I ask for a symbolic $7 which is less than half of the actual cost for me. When buying two or more brushes I'll of course pack together and correct the cost after that. Cheaper of course.

I Will, send to most other places too, and that we discuss in PM if so.

Shipping from Sweden with Post Nord and normal shipping time is 5-7 days to USA according to the courier, and usually 2-4 days to EU. Custom halts and such at the destination excluded.

I'll post the brush the next coming day or as latest two days after the payment is registred on my PayPal account. We take the details in PM. Only PayPal or bank transfer

I won't be able to be online 24/7, so I will of course see the first one who PM'ed me of interest for each brush as the first one who gets the chance to buy it. Fair and square!

Will send a pm to everyone who've showned interest even if someone else was quicker and bought it

Here's the list of the brushes. I will update as soon as something gets sold.

1.  Simpson Chubby 3, Manchurian, Limited edition, Faux ebony             -      New £320/$396    MY PRICE - $270                       SOLD!

2.  Simpson 58, Manchurian, Limited edition,Ebony marble                     -      New £210/$260    MY PRICE - $175   - $167            SOLD!

3.  Simpson M7, Manchurian, Limited edition, Faux ebony                               New £249.95/$308  MY PRICE - $190   SOLD!

4.  Simpson M6, Manchurian, Limited edition, Faux ebony                               New £199.95/$248        MY PRICE - $180    New - $170   SOLD! 

5.  Simpson Chubby 2, Two-band silvertip, Limited edition, Faux ebony             New £274.95/$341        MY PRICE - $235    New - $225  SOLD!

6.  Simpson Duke 3, Two-band silvertip, Limited edition, Faux ebony                New £249.95/$309        MY PRICE - $200     New - $190   SOLD!

[Image: JhX7zPx.jpg]

[Image: ntbieiq.jpg][Image: gl2SirB.jpg]

 SIMPSONS CHUBBY 3 LE, Manchurian, Faux ebony.  Bought directly from Mark at Simpsons in 2020.     New £320/$396     I ask for $270   SOLD!  

[Image: 4dNWZ14.jpg][Image: OiH1ae8.jpg]

 SIMPSONS 58 LE, Manchurian, Marbled ebony. I bought this from an LE release at Simpsons year 2019.   New £210/$260      I ask for $175 -  $167   SOLD!

[Image: jhoJ78y.jpg][Image: PPN8XHG.jpg]

 SIMPSONS M7 LE, Manchurian, Faux ebony .  I bought this directly from Mark as an LE in 2020.    New £249.95/$308        I'm asking for $190    SOLD!

[Image: n6VhT5t.jpg][Image: dLmYBbY.jpg]

SIMPSONS M6 LE, Manchurian, Faux ebony .  I bought this directly from Mark as an LE in 2020 after having waited over a year for it. I asked Mark, and he made it finally, A beauty 

 New £199.95/$248        I'm asking - $180    New price - $170  SOLD!

[Image: gWuKvbl.jpg][Image: ljZBFzP.jpg]

SIMPSONS CHUBBY 2 LE, Two-band silvertip. Bought directly from Simpsons in an LE release in 2020 or 2021.    New £274.95/$341        I'm asking for - $235    New price - $225


[Image: rj00UCv.jpg][Image: VYbTOUc.jpg]

SIMPSONS DUKE 3 LE, Two-band silvertip, Faux ebony. Bought directly from Simpsons in an LE release 2021.    New £249.95/$309        I'm asking for $190   SOLD!

I do not have the original box for any of them, as I've used those boxes to pack other brushes I've been selling here lately. It was never my thought to sell off these Simpsons,  so...well(sigh) shit happends, and when it do everything is as it should be. It is  what it is and mote so be it.

I myself arn't one that sees any value in a box, if it now isn't something that needs one for being proven to be what it is. Or for some provenance for historical reasons, or  to avoid copies. Wink Haven't seen a Simpson copy yet...besides the shape then haha.

And as all these brushes comes from limited edition in the years 2018-2021 all proof are simply in Marks(Simpsons) "hands". I can send along the digital receipt to a buyer who  wants it.

I can also order a new box from Simpson before I post the brush to the buyer, but that will add dilivery time as I will have to wait for some other buyers(here) who perhaps wants the  same. All up to "you" that, but of course we can fix everything if it's just time that's the price.

Why so is for that the P&P cost for me ordering boxes from Simpsons would go crazy if I ordered one at a time.

But ff so to be wanted by the buyer, I will just add what a new box cost me. 5-6$ depending on  size. This we take in a pm conversation.

Anyway - I have taken off $10 from the selling price on each brush due to the missing box. AND, every brush will be sent in a well padded box inside the well padded outer box even if it's not a Simpson box. Serious packing with bubblewrap and all the rest is a given.

If you have any further questions, just send me a pm.

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