Congrats to SuperDad !  PM for address info on the way.

Thanks to all for participating.
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Congrats SuperDad
For some reason the name doesn't show up for me. Could you put who won in again. Thanks

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! Won

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Linked names don't seem to show up on Tapatalk. The winner was SuperDad.
Im in thanks
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Thanks and congrats!!

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New Jersey
(12-05-2017, 06:58 AM)elig Wrote: Im in thanks

I am 'this' close to making an Internet Explorer Joke Big Grin
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- Just say you're in to participate
- If you win, please post a comment in the thread about the soap after using it.
- If you win and don't enjoy the soap, please PIF it to someone else. Feel free to pick someone else from the thread or another way if preferred.  
- I'll pick the winner randomly in a few days.

I did remind the winner via PM, but he stopped responding. I was just hoping for a few quick thoughts on the soap. Oh well.
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Vancouver, BC
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That is a bit unfortunate, Rob.
It was a great gesture, on your part, nonetheless. Smile
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