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Talbot Author’s Ridge-small scoop, never lathered. AS used once.
Talbot Winter’s Refraction- soap new, AS used once
DG Darkfall- lathered five or so times. AS above label. Level in pic.
APR Torchwood-lathered three or four times.
CRSW- Sandalwood, lathered six to eight times.
CRSW AS Cream- 3/4- 2/3 left.
Sample AS-Fine sandalwood, American Blend, Floid Vigaroso.  

[Image: b13808c31147ad87d517af9193509479.plist]
Which scent is the CRSW soap?
Sandalwood. Thanks.
Price reduced!
Need a new home for these!
Back up for the week
[Image: 9ec8d0f6c1b539e3ee81ac0f3e12c4d5.plist]
Added additional items.
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Could break up.
Declaration Darkfall gone! Lot broken up. Need to move the rest!
Talbot Winter’s Refraction set is gone. The rest has got to go!!

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