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FS USA shipping only, no trades
Please add 4% if paying G&S.
All prices include shipping.

$218 Voight & Copp stabalized deer antler, VC02 knot 33X52mm. Comes with box and holder made of the same antler.
I am the original owner and have used this brush @ 8 - 10 times. Bought directly from V&C for @$400

SOLD 150 Voight & Copp Mammoth bone, I think maybe tusk. VC01 knot 30X51, comes with box.

$110 Turn N Shave handle with VC01 knot, 29X48 no box.

SOLD150 Voight & Copp Blue burl VC02 knot 30X52, comes with box.

$50 Oumo Compass Tiger with 5th anniversary knot 29X53, comes with box.

[Image: xUTi4rv.jpg][Image: tQh5dW3.jpg][Image: WP0Edr9.jpg][Image: xDhXTgE.jpg][Image: eAdNaOe.jpg][Image: u8B60Lg.jpg][Image: 6K1kDT0.jpg][Image: vpfd3rl.jpg]

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