Every so often I peruse my 40 soaps and reach for Cella. When I do, I realize that this is still one of the best soaps out there, even if it is not the product of one of our favorite artisans. Creaminess of lather, efficient beard removal and post-shave feel - it has it all in a soap that is competitive with our favorite artisans.

Cella, Gillette black ninja, Red Tip and Vie-long two band 27/50 - my shave of the week.

I know some people don't like the scent, and maybe that will effect Cellas's long-term market share. You'd think that they would consider an unscented version, but luckily I do not care. This stuff is a treasure that I wish had more postings on the fora. Do we really have to wait for a new scent like pumpkin pepper stroganoff? Well, I just went back to basics and loved it. Thanks for listening.

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I reached for mine the other day after a long hibernation of use. And you are correct - the thought, why don't I use this more often immediately came to mind. Great product, great lather, traditional scent that I enjoy. Comes In a kilo size if you so choose. Love the artwork on that kilo package too.

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I love Cella and the great thing about it, is I can use any aftershave I want with it, typically I use Floid Black.

Anyway, I find it has a great slick lather, a great almond sweet type scent, and it just performs beautifully for the price. Plus its a classic product and I like having around a few classics just in case. It is probably my second favorite classic product after Tabac and it is something I love owning.

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Cella works brilliantly for me. It's pretty much a guaranteed great shave when I use this stuff.

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I have never tried the any of the 1kg block, but I have used the small red tub, it performed well, but it's the only soap that has ever given my face any irritation so I binned it. I am curious about the brick though as I have heard it is better than the tub.
Nathan, the brick did perform better for me than the red tub. But I will admit that I did not have a lot of lathering experience when I had the tub.

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Ted, if you like, you should use it more often. Smile

Personally, I am one of those that don't care very much for the scent and I find a few other soaps just more to my liking.

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Thanks for your thoughts everybody. I was just venting on an apparently long ignored product.

As for Merkur Man, I doubt if the kilo brick will be very different in terms of irritation as the scent [ie, fragrance oils] could very well be the irritant..

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Not one of my favorites.  For me, the scent is pretty bad and performance is meh.  There is much better out there, in my opinion.  If it works for others, though, that's what our shaving experiences are all about. Happy2

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This is exactly how I feel about Cella. It's not my favorite scent but like Tabac I am not bothered, but when it comes to performance, also just like Tabac, Cella is guaranteed to make me smile.

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