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I am new to to the shaving community. I've made only a handful of brushes and I am looking to possibly expand on this shaving addiction. Here is a brush I completed today. Big Leaf Maple Burl stabilized and cast with resin. Badger 2 band silver tip knot 26-65mm.

Dave[Image: jz9i1wH.jpg]

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Hi Dave and welcome to DFS.  If you want to upload a photo then use the imgur icon in the full editor.  Here is an explanation I did for another member.  I hope it helps:  https://damnfineshave.com/thread-how-to-...#pid218548.

Again, welcome to Damn Fine Shave. Smile

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Welcome. Smile

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Welcome. Nice brush!
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Welcome to DFS, Stickermetimbers!

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