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Here's one I'm working on. I bought this Vie-Long horse brush a while back and was not pleased with the knot at all, but I really like the handle. So I decided to do a little transplant...

Bye bye horsey! I actually used a different bit than the one shown. This one started burning the glue/hair plug thingy. Mmmm, burnt horse hair Sick
[Image: uFocFvj.jpg]

Ready for the new 22mm Maggard black fiber synthetic knot. I had to carefully widen the hole a little bit.
[Image: fXgUyc4.jpg]

Here's what it will look like when done. I still have some finishing work to do before I set the knot. It's just sitting in there right now.
[Image: dzT65V4.jpg]
- Jeff
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Nice work, Jeff. Happy2 I love that type of handle.
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My latest restore, a Kent V16 in Butterscotch that was in sad shape. The handle had no cracks or chips so it was crying to live again. A 36mm in finest from Ian Tang (Franks Shaving) that is surprisingly dense with super soft tips brought this brush back to life. Even at 36mm, being a true bulb, it handles a lot like a Chubby 3 and not so much a lather hog. Last picture for size comparison, Chubby 3, V16, and a miniature Culmak. It is a big brush.

[Image: MU65AtP.jpg]

[Image: STSfLYk.jpg]

[Image: UZbsg4C.jpg]

[Image: 2s7gdvg.jpg]

[Image: 4NhZzCO.jpg]

[Image: aYJaYl7.jpg]
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Beautiful brushes Jeff. Good job.


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