Hi fellas,  just curious how many of you have both stainless and brass razors and of which one is your preference.
I actually prefer the weight of my hollow brass razors (Fatboy, Slim, Fatip, etc.) I have a stainless ATT, and I've signed up for passarounds on a couple of other stainless razors, so I'll let you know if that changes.
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I’m thinking the difference is more reliant on the manufacture of the razor vs. the metal used when comparing brass and stainless.

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I prefer stainless over bronze, brass, and even titanium. I own razors in all those materials, even a couple where I have razors from the same manufacturer in different metals. I think stainless is the perfect material for a razor. Ideal weight and properties for an amazing shave.

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although i use both and they are all great in the end i would choose stainless as the perfect material for a safety razor.john

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I prefer the look of a polished or brushed SS
I have razors of stainless and brass. Brass with plating and without. I prefer the feel of the plain brass. My stainless razors are great and are in the regular lineup, but the brass has a softer feel.

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I had a brass razor once. I prefer the stainless steel feel on my face.

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Have both. No difference.

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I have razors made in all the materials available. I like how stainless and titanium are harder to tarnish. Titanium and brass does feel softer. I prefer stainless, followed by titanium, bronze, brass, and copper. My brass CG lvl 3 baseplate in antique finish is one of my favorites, but it just smells bad that I have to hold my breath when shaving the mustache area. I know metal doesn’t have a smell per se, but maybe brass attracts molecules faster than the other metals?

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