Hi, it will be my first time trying to refresh an edge on my own although I am still learning to achieve perfect BBS with straight razor. May I know does the brand of tape matters? I am unsure whether to use the same brand of tape (3m super 88) as the maker who honed my razor or a cheaper / different electrical tape brand will do as well since I got a different one.

Thank you.

Max Sprecher
Las Vegas, NV
In general it doesn't matter so much which brand but the amount of layers used needs to be the same. I stick with 3M as the cheap ones have a tendency to come loose while honing and some are flimsy.

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Thanks a lot. I will try it tomorrow. Hope it goes well.
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3m electrical tape (super 88) is a common choice. In my experience it does not matter. My Razor maker uses tesa extreme outdoor and I use 3m electrical tape and refreshing goes very well. If you find that it doesn't shave well just do a bevel reset(honing trough your whole progression from the 1k) with your tape and you are good to go

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Old thread here, but I thought I would put my two cents in here.
I prefer Kapton tape. It is thinner, so the bevel is sharper. It doesn’t mess up the blade. It lasts much longer than electrical tape on the stones... Worth a try....
As a bonus you can get the 1cm one for smiling blades and tape each side perfectly with it...

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