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Poll: Do you remove you blade after every shave?
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Peachtree City, GA
Thoroughly disassemble clean and dry razors and blades then reassemble place in stand

Then again ss razors. If ti or bronze razor would fear galvanic corrosion and remove blade
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Austin, Tx
what materials are most prone to rusting? or is it the water qualities with high mineralization?

my '66 SS is virtually spotless but it came from a 2nd hand shop here in Tx. i've never had a blade rust on me either - our city water is low in minerals.

do i have to worry about a newer razor like a fatip rusting?
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I leave the blade in between shaves. I rinse the razor thoroughly, let it air dry. I tend to use stainless or aluminum razors, and so am not too worried about oxidation. Razors are cleaned at blade switchout times.
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I always remove the blade, Pat dry on tissue paper and move i into a dry razor, otherwise they tend to stain.
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Rinse well with clean water, wipe dry and spray with 99% alcohol. I do this for all my razors.
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Cape Cod, Mass.
I've learned a lot from this. I always just rinsed the razor and let it dry on the stand.
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Portland, OR
I take them out, hit them with a blow drier for a few seconds, and put them back in the razor.
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It depends on the Razor.... I find using a zmack razor head the I dont do anything other then a quick rinse .. .but on the stainless steel heads I have seen rust stain develop rather quickly... it wiped off easy enough since then I have a tupperware with rubbling alcohol that i give it a quick bath in and then remove and let evaporate... no problems since
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Nope, just rinse and air-dry. But whatever floats your boat.
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