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Now I understand why they are so expensive, demand was sky rocketed ??
I found the Gillette Platinums just so-so.

My two favorites are the Gillette - 7 o'clock - Super Platinum (black) and the Gillette - Perma-Sharp Super Stainless (red and gold). For me, both are smooth and sharp.

I can get a good 6 shaves with the Blacks and 4 or 5 with the Red & Golds.

The Red & Golds ar 2/3 rds the price of the Blacks. (Blacks are slightly cheaper that the GPs.)

But then that's me ... Kept the beard, neck shave only. Guessing I have an average beard, but sensitive skin. Oh, and I'm using the PAA DOC razor.

New Jersey
Will be using a Platinum blade for the first time this week. Let's see how good they are.
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(01-21-2017, 04:03 AM)Nero Wrote:
(01-21-2017, 04:00 AM)Nero Wrote: 61 unscented
71 sandalwood

[Image: e05eca6412e48720e9065fe1b6e17340.jpg]

Funny thing is that's nothing.
I used to have over 100 in both unscented and sandalwood. Plus 15 lavender and 29 lemon.
And about 26 C&S no 88

Talk about cornering the market!
You do realise 'hoarders' can legally have excess supplies seized in a civil emergency? The next earthquake I'm coming over to secure more soap.
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