Looking  at the Blackbird polished  version. How smooth and efficiency is it.
My best shaving razor. Very smooth and very efficient. Takes some practice to get the angle down right, but once that's done it can't be beat. Your face is as smooth as glass with no irritation. Only problem is it's too aggressive to daily shave with (for me). Build quality and customer service from Blackland are top tier.
Popular razor, obviously works for most, it.was very tuggy going ATG on my head so I sold mine. Quite efficient and fairly smooth for my beard.

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Superb razor! The only way you'l find out how it shaves is to try one, unfortunately.
Nonetheless, they do offer a 30-day guarantee, so you won't lose any money except the shipping cost if it doesn't work out.
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Tricky razor to master, but once you do you likely will love it. In return for your attention and a light touch it rewards you with a close smooth shave that can't be beat.
It was a beautifully made razor that just doesn't work for me. However, take my opinion with a grain of salt as I am someone who is almost fanatical about demanding smoothness (as someone who shaves 6 days/week). My POV would be different if I shaved once or twice per week instead. Blackland is a terrific company, and I bought a polished Vector form them, and it is currently my favorite razor of all time. YMMV....as others have noted, the money back guarantee makes it pretty much a risk-free purchase.
One of the razors that will still be in my den when they carry my lifeless body out of here. If you like a moderately aggressive razor (IMHO)  you will get along fine with it.
If looking for a mild or even mid-aggressive daily razor, could be better choices. For many, an excellent razor. For everyone, an excellent company.

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Nice razor...reminded me very closely of a Wr1 0.86mm.
How would y’all compare it to a charcoal goods lvl 2?

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