What are your opinions ?

Here are mine :

-Boar :  Semogue 1250. Same bristles as the 1305 : that means , soft tips when used over 10 times and good amount of flow/firmness of knot.Also , you wont have to worry about chipping the handle paint , unlike the 1305.

-Synthetic : Plisson L'Occitane.But its hard to find these days and some new synthetics offerings have come out , like the Sterling or the RR shaving brush , which seems serious competitors , with lower prices and more available/easy to get.

-Badger : tough here.I will never recommend pure badger or black badger (I will go for boar if you prefer a prickly brush).There are some good super/silvertip badger brushes out there , as well as two bands. WSP offers good two band hair brushes , as well as other Chinese companies that you can find on Ebay (but buying from a Chinese company could be a lottery too).In the case that you prefer a more soft brush , I will go for a Simpson Colonel (around 60 something dollars).

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Love my 1305, Teiste, but I definitely agree with you about the handle. However, chips, dings, and all, it still works just fine and I'm not giving it up. It was my first boar brush and is still used. Smile

I have to agree with your thoughts on the Plisson pour L'Occitane Synthetic. It's just amazing but I am curious about some of the others that have, or will, hit the market.

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Italian Barber has a really nice looking new extra stuffed chubby brush for a nice badger.

For synthetics, Stirling when back in stock. Chiseled Face looks great and one of the best deals in shavedom are the Whipped Dog 24mm & 30mm synthetics.

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Best bang for buck...

Agree on the 1305; mine is still going strong and believe it or not- no dings, chips, etc.!

Synthetic, I think Larry at Whipped Dog does a great job of offering a solid performer at a very reasonable price. Super value.

Badger, I think many of the artisans using TGN knots offer competitive prices with solid quality but I do feel badger is a tougher segment when looking for value.
Depends on your definitition of budget. For friends, I now recommend the Omega S as a starter brush. It's only around $10 shipped, but I could use that as my only brush if needed. I really like it, especially compared to my floppy super badger and my too-stiff Omega boars.

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I recently purchased a RazoRock synthetic ($17) and am very happy with it!
The best budget badger out there is the Vintage Blades Finest, comes in at about $40 for the 24mm size which is what I have. Cheaper for a smaller knot. Great 2-band hair with plenty of backbone and really soft tips.

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Omega S-Brush S10005 Synthetic Fiber Shaving Brush
[Image: DSC_1012_11a545a2-2782-40ff-8350-e49892b...1432819703]

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+1 for the S10005
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Any of the new synthetics. Omega S, Stirling, Crown King, etc.

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