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I have a nice collection of vintage and high end razors, but I am wondering what razors people think give a great shave, is made well but keeps the cost down. Here is my suggestions 

Mild- Winning razor all SS, made in USA sold by Wet Shaving Club and made by Yates

Medium- Tie between Yates precision H plate. All SS and made by Yates in USA. RazoRock Lupo .95, all SS and made in Canada.

Efficient- Blackland Dart No longer made but still see them on BST, all SS and made in USA

Adjustable- Pearl Flexi. All brass and a very good shaver. Made in India

Vintage- Gillette single ring. Very efficient OC and gives a great shave. 

I know there are other choices, let’s hear what you think.

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Razorock Gamechanger
Rockwell 6S or 6C depending your preference of metals.

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Mild: Parker adjustable injector

Yates for all else

for full disclosure, I stay away from aggressive razors!

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- Eric 
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I’m going with the Rockwell 6s  Happy2

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For me, the Yates 921 covers mild/medium/aggressive with M/H/HE. I recently got a Winning, and agree that the price and performance are excellent. The 921M just feels better during the shave.

For adjustable I vote for the Merkur Progress.

Best overall bang for the buck is the Timeless aluminum from the scratch and dent. Truly awesome shave in the medium aggressive range, and a stand is included.

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I think the new Lupo is an astounding bargain. It’s a top tier shaver in my den. I own maybe a dozen razors and have used most of the artisan razors. My wr2 and Ti Blackbird are my top performers. At a quarter of the price, the Lupo isn’t far behind.

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Game Changer 0.84 SB with a titanium handle, the 0.68 SB is also superb if you need a milder shave.

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Pearl flexi, Yates, Karve brass and maybe Razorock Hawk V3 if we‘re looking at SE.

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0.84 Game Changer

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- Jeff
Probably the Henson AL13 for me.

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