Foxboro, MA
Just a simple round hair brush. Has worked for me for forty years or more.
Trial and error. I found I don't really like the wooden combs. They just don't seem to do much for me. I don't generally keep anything on me when I'm out and about. I just use them in the morning and evening. I use a kent comb with reasonably wide teeth when I get out of the shower for the detangling. Then I use a brush after applying oil and / or balm to get everything in order. I also use the brush on the occasions when I blow dry the beard for some extra taming. I do have a finer-tooth kent mustache comb that is handy for combing the long 'stache without messing up the beard while I do it.

Beardbrand, Gray Bailey, and Beard Baron are a few of the YouTube channels I've found most helpful when learning how to care for the beard and mustache.
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