The Rock by Razorock is my favorite bar soap. The bars I have used seem to be well scented to me, mild citrus with tuscan herbs, perhaps a touch of floral.

I find my skin gets negative reactions to many big brand name bar soaps, but never had an issue with Razorock bars. And yes, they seem to last longer than many other similar brands.
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I have a bath soap rotation, like to have some variety to keep things interesting. These are the ones I have been rotating:

SV Cosmo
Razorock Sandalwood
Chiseled Face Sherlock, Tradewinds
Soap Commander- Endurance, lime Pachouli
African black soap
Capucu butter B&W soap
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Philadelphia, PA
finished this up a few days ago:

[Image: bK514VF.jpg]

and started in on this bar, which smells divine...

[Image: pNJ5bJJ.jpg]
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